These testimonials are from graduates who have been through our programs

acfw testim white_60_60-01-0131 year old client

“I want to thank Douglas from the bottom of my heart for opening up my mind, my third eye & my heart….also allowing me to open my heart & my mind for me to understand………this 26 week program has allowed me to completely understand my faults as a man, father & husband. Throughout these 26 weeks of weekly courses I have learned that violence is not an answer to family problems in any circumstances.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-01Anonymous 2015

“I have learned so much in my months with Douglas that I will use the rest of my days. I am very grateful for taking this class. It has helped me in so many situations, from arguments to almost fights that got defused….    I use these techniques I’ve learned everyday…..”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-0132 year old client

“What I am taking away from this class is a lesson that I will carry for the rest of my life….. With the skills learned here I can confidently say I have become a better person to my coworkers & my friends. ….As I processed the skills learned here I became more confident when my anger issues arose. The first few times I put these skills into place was a great feeling. When my partner started to see a change & actually complimented me on it, the feeling was wonderful….My friends   have come around & have begun to trust me again…..I can’t thank Douglas enough for the level of service he provides.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-01Anonymous 2016

“On the Roots & Wings sheet, the words Health, Whole, Holy Home was my main focus. I had to fix my home.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-0130 year old client

“I now feel that being made to take this class has enabled me to grow as a man & as a father.    I have complete control of my choices & I will work hard to make better ones for myself & my family. Thank you for this opportunity.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-01Anonymous 2015

“For a long time in my life I was suffering inside from an anger implanted in me by what I had grown up around in an abusive broken home. But what I didn’t realize was that I was not taking responsibility for it or even realizing it until my last relationship. I went many years acting out & not seeking the help I needed.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-0131 year old client

“I’m particularly grateful for having a mentor such as Douglas, who believes in the larger collective of being in touch with yourself & others to make this a better life & world. …. I will continue to strive on from this in order to be the best man I can be.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-01Anonymous 2016

“Now that I look back at where & who I was when I started, I am thankful & more humble for taking this course.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-0151 year old client

“My second takeaway is that we as humans must respect our planet & all living beings that reside on our small speck in space that we call home, whether it’s physical, mental or spiritual respect.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-0151 year old client

“The wisdom I received from this class was beyond measure. I have learned that I can ONLY control myself & I’m responsible for my OWN actions. Douglas this has been a valuable lessons of humanity & compassion for my fellow human beings.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-01Anonymous 2016

“I told Douglas a few times that these classes should be taught freshman year in high school.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-0125 year old client

“And now I know what I need to do & how I should RESPOND (not react) to situations.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-0140 year old client

“I’ve learned a lot of tools to use for the rest of my life while I’m on this beautiful Earth! The most important thing I learned was to teach my son new beliefs.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-0140 year old client

“One more thing I’d like say, is to listen, & learn & use these tools that Douglas has given you & you will live a happier & healthy life.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-0130 year old client

“Understanding how I got to this point didn’t happen until I contacted Douglas…As time went by & I sat in these very chairs…my eyes & heart began to opened. The things I learned after 26 weeks here with Douglas & the other men in the class far outweigh my knowledge I gained in a classroom or any degree I earned at a University. It’s here in this classroom that I witnessed firsthand men change & grow to become even stronger, powerful men- now with the ability to be more sensitive to others & truly respect someone without the need for violence. I’m surprisingly sad this is my last class but I’m beyond grateful for the experience.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-0130 year old client

“I plan on using this experience to redeem myself. Good can still come from tragedy. It has truly become my goal to share with young men my story-so they do not make the same mistakes I did. Of all the things I learned here, the most valuable bit of wisdom has come from sharing my story & hearing others. I hope one day that one young man’s life is different from hearing my journey.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-01Anonymous 2016

“I see it as an opportunity to start applying changes. I have always held the values of equality, but needed to apply them more into my actions. I thank Douglas for helping me align myself, not just through lessons & techniques, but coming to terms with my actions & becoming accountable.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-01JG, Seminole, FL

“…as i walked through the doors, I knew i was in the right place.  Thanks for the support and helping me get back on track.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-0138 year old client

“The class has helped me understand my anger & problem solving. I look at things a lot differently, even myself.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-0143 year old client

“My life I can honestly say has changed a lot since beginning this class.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-01Anonymous 2016

“I have learned more that I could have ever expected here.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-01Anonymous 2016

“The whole equality wheel is something I had to learn to apply in my life & marriage….I’m back at home now with my wife living a happy nonviolent life.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-0127 year old client

“Being in this Domestic Violence class has changed a couple things about me for the better. The biggest change is I think before I react in every situation….. Another change is that I am holding myself accountable for my actions.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-01Anonymous 2016

“It’s so important to find your center of peace & not stray from that in order to always respond instead of react. I am grateful for my ability to do this now.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-0131 year old client

“Also finding two real forms of strength: The ability to walk away; The ability to not engage. Because it IS a CHOICE. “

acfw testim white_60_60-01-01Anonymous 2016

“Looking back I am very grateful that I have successfully taken & completed this course BUT sorry that it took me 30 years to figure myself out on how NOT to react before thinking. 

acfw testim white_60_60-01-0126 year old client

“I have learned a lot these past 26 weeks. When I just started these classes I figured they were just a waste of time & money. But as weeks past I could see myself becoming a calmer person & I could see that I could handle my anger & the way I deal with it better…….This was a life changing experience for the better.  I am going to keep working on these goals even though I’m not in class anymore.  I’m happy that all this has bettered me as a person so I can be a better boyfriend & a father to my daughter. THANK YOU for the opportunity to change my life & my behavior.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-0166 year old client

“I’ve learned control, compassion & above all patience in situations…..This will help me be a better person AND parent to my two boys! I will continue to practice these tools & to instill the skills on my children. THANKS again for all your help & insight to these situations. This course was well worth the time & effort put into it.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-01Anonymous 2016

“I was blaming everyone, my wife, the in-laws, the police & the three lawyers I had hired. Even the judge for making me do this, but after a couple sessions I started to get it. I started to understand it was not about THEM but about ME. I was responsible for my OWN actions & reactions. I have learned & will take away a lot form Douglas & all the participants I have encountered in the last 226 weeks…..But it’s how you react after you’ve made a mistake that can define you & help you move on & become a better person in the future.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-0128 year old client

“I did not expect my experience to be so informative…….but I learned to understand myself, what to expect in a relationship & overall how to build a healthy mind set & relationship. Additionally, for future relationships I have a basic understanding of how to seek & create a healthy relationship.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-0131 year old client

“But over these past 6 months, I’ve learned how to not blame others for MY actions & take full responsibility…. Would like to thank Douglas for providing me with the necessary skills to become a better person.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-0135 year old client

“There was a lot of things that I learned while attending your class, that I believe, will be with me forever…..Even though this was not a court ordered class for me to take, I am very happy I followed through with it, it was self-rewarding. Knowledge is power & you have given me that. I have learned that I do not have to react to everything right away, that feelings are not factual, however they may feel that way, & notice with time, changing my thoughts, can help change those feelings. Conflict resolution was & will remain most beneficial to me moving forward.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-0134 year old client

“I think you should push this through the school board because this is what is missing in our world today….thank you in so many ways as you have made me a better person & t peace to whatever comes my way.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-0158 year old client

“When I met you I harbored a lot of anger & resentment. Over the last 26 meetings I have learned valuable life lessons! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I won’t ever forget you as well as the Roots & Wings sheet.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-0128 year old client

“This was the class I never knew I needed! Even if you only learn one thing from this class, that one thing can be carried with you for the rest of your life. Thank you for everything.”

acfw testim white_60_60-01-0123 year old client

“The tools this class has given me, I feel I can use for myself & other future relationships when problems occur. Also learning how to be more mindful of those situations has also helped me just knowing there is a choice.”

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