Court Ordered Services

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Batterer’s Intervention Program (BIP)

Batterer’s Intervention Program (BIP) is a court-mandated, educational experience consisting of an initial assessment, orientation and 26 weeks in group.  The model employed by the State of Florida is the Duluth Model, also known as the Power and Control Wheel.  It is a recognized and respected program used throughout the United States.  Facilitators of the group must be trained and certified to conduct the groups, and they work in collaboration with a coordinated community response team addressing domestic violence.

A Center for Wellness employs a second power and control model based in wellness practice. Roots and Wings: The Way of Wholeness was written by A Center for Wellness owner Douglas Bonar.  The model – originally named Roots and Wings: The Balance of Healthy Parenting – was conceived and presented at a workshop at The Juvenile Welfare Board in 1996.  Douglas was then awarded a grant through the Pinellas County Child Abuse Prevention Task Force to prepare a slide show presentation based on the model.  He subsequently conducted the parenting group at Family Resources Inc. for the Family Builder’s Program for two years.  The Roots and Wings: The Way of Wholeness model complements the Power and Control Wheel to further adhere to the goals of the Pinellas County Domestic Violence Task Force.

Case Plan Tasks for Child Protective Services

A Center for Wellness is proud of its relationship locally with child protection professionals and the child protection community.

A Center for Wellness provides various services to help clients (parents and significant others) complete case plans tasks once a child abuse report has been made and the case has gone before the dependency court.  Services include batterer’s intervention program, anger management, individual counseling, couples counseling, and psychosocial assessments.

Anger Management

Anger Management is a 12-week group experience for clients court-ordered for non-intimate partner offenses, such as an altercation with a neighbor or a brother.  The group experience is based on a wellness model which includes mindfulness of potential triggers, developmental origins of anger, cultural aspects of anger, physiology of anger reaction, conscious response to perceived threat, setting healthy boundaries and skills to prevent and escape from dangerous situations.

Alcohol/Substance abuse assessments

Other Services

Training and Consultation

A Center for Wellness has numerous opportunities to help trainers and programs…

Counseling for High Level Wellness
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Bienvenidos y bienvenidas a los servicios en español de “A Center for Wellness!

Aquí ofrecemos- en español- clases de intervención contra la violencia doméstica, tanto para hombres como para mujeres.

También ofrecemos servicios de evaluación en relación al uso de alcohol y/o drogas.

Si necesitas alguno de estos servicios, llama directamente a la consejera Beatriz al 727-365-6417, donde puedes dejar un mensaje.

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Co-Parenting Counseling

All fees for court-ordered services are on a sliding fee scale established by the state.  All certified programs charge the same fees.  Call for more information.



Now that I look back at where & who I was when I started, I am thankful & more humble for taking this course.” – Anonymous 2016


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